On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 7:22 AM, Tanweer Morshed <wiki.tanw...@gmail.com>

> Welcome to Kourosh! Wikimedians around the world have already been creating
> partnerships under various programs including GLAMs and with universities,
> institutions etc. This is rational from the sense that this new department
> (Strategic Partnerships) would address all these issues along with further
> ways for improvement. Looking forward to Kourosh and his team's endeavors,
> hope they bring meaningful and impact-driven partnerships for Wikimedia
> movement. :)
> Tanweer
> Executive member
> Wikimedia Bangladesh

Thank you for the warm welcome messages. I am sincerely thrilled to work
for the Wikimedia Foundation. As an immigrant from Iran and a former
journalist, I deeply appreciate free speech and the free culture movement,
and will vigorously defend them in this position. I'll seek partnerships
that spread the world's knowledge more widely without comprising our
values. Always happy to take community feedback.

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