The new and improved version of the copy and detection bot that we at [[WP:
MED]] have been using for nearly a year [ here] is nearly ready
to be expanded to other topic areas.

It can be found here []. If you install
the common.js code it will give you buttons to click to indicate follow up
of concerns. Additionally one can sort the edits in question by
WikiProject. We are working to set up auto-archiving such that once
concerns are dealt with they will be removed from the main list.

We also want to have automatic compilation of data such as the frequency of
true positives and false positives generated by the bot. A blacklist of
sites that are know mirrors of Wikipedia is here []. As this
list is improved / expanded the accuracy of the bot will improve. Many
thanks to [[User:ערן]] for his amazing work.

The bot also has  the potential to work in other languages.

James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

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