Thanks James

Just out of curiosity, the other day I found two articles with a long
section with identical wording, only names and numbers had been
changed. Example:
The town of ....... has a population of ...... . The town is know for
its challenges in fighting poverty. According to local authorities,
trhey have undertaken housing and sanitation projects bla bla bla.

When I queried it, the author of the earlier article responded to say
that 'it was acceptable' so that beginners could find it easier to
start writing articles. From that I dug deeper and discovered that he
had tutored the writer of the derived article.

Regards, and a great weekend,


2015-04-04 3:49 GMT+02:00 James Heilman <>:
> 1) Yes the source code is available. User:Eran has posted it here
> 2) This bot ONLY works on new edits within a couple of hours of them
> occurring. This reducing the number of false positives. It DOES NOT look at
> old edits.
> 3) This requires human follow up and common sense. One needs to make sure
> that a) the source is not PD/CCBYSA b) that it is not wiki text that has
> been moved around c) that the authors of both are not the same, etc
> 4) True positive rate is around 50% which is from my perspective good /
> useful. This bot has flagged a lot of copyright issues would have been
> missed otherwise.
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