No one would care about Wikipedia Zero if Wikipedia was a reliable source.

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> Hi Andreas,
> 2015-04-02 18:25 GMT+02:00 Andreas Kolbe <>:
> > On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM, Cristian Consonni <
> > wrote:
> >
> >> 2015-04-02 15:16 GMT+02:00 Andreas Kolbe <>:
> > As mentioned previously, what I have seen is recent additions to
> >, describing app launches bundling Wikipedia
> Zero
> > and Facebook Zero (along with a small and varying number of other sites)
> in
> > the following countries:
> I need another clarification. As far as I know (and I recall a
> question in the board Q&A at Wikimania in London), it's
> making available Wikipedia content (as per the license) on their app.
> It is not an initiative of the Wikimedia Foundation and (therefore) it
> is not related to Wikipedia Zero. Also, can do
> this thanks to our license (more below). Unless something changed in
> the last months you can not say that Wikipedia Zero is bundled with
> Facebook Zero.
> [...]
> > Note that Facebook actually seems to contain a complete mirror of
> > Wikipedia, judging by the presence of even fairly obscure Wikipedia
> > articles on its pages (selected using "Random article"). See e.g.
> This is failry old news, these pages exists since 2010:
> > Given the limitations Wikipedia Zero users labour under, it is actually
> > fairly immaterial to users whether they see the Wikipedia article in
> > Facebook Zero or Wikipedia Zero. The key difference is that in Facebook
> > Zero, they will not see Wikipedia's logo and fundraising banners. (They
> > also can't see the talk pages in Facebook.) They will have a less clear
> > impression of Wikipedia's brand, and the whole thing will still primarily
> > be a Facebook experience to them.
> I see the problem, but this is not related at all with Net Neutrality.
> This is what you can do with any free/libre content. There is no way
> to stop Facebook (or Flickr [sic et simpliciter]) from reusing our
> content. Let me quote SJ (again from the Board Q&A in London) "Please
> reuse our content". There should be as few limitations as possible to
> reusing the content, in principle. Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia
> for this very exact reason after all. Even in a world with the
> strongest possible Net Neutrality laws in force Facebook will be able
> to do this.
> Let me weigh in another argument, I know that the idea of a "Public
> space on the internet" is accepted even in the framework of Net
> Neutrality. The idea is that some list of websites that offer public
> services (e.g. government websites, public libraries websites, schools
> and universities websites) should always be accessible with no charge.
> In this view Wikipedia could be included in the list as an educational
> non-profit (other projects may also be included, e. g. the Khan
> Academy). Wikimedia Foundation, in this sense, is leading by example.
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