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> Trilium,
> My understanding is that the new policy is now active, meaning that
> identification documents are not required for checkusers and oversighters.
> I believe that identification documents are still required for WMF Board,
> FDC, Board Elections Committee, and Board Audit Committee appointments.
> Can you explain what it is that worries you about this change in policy for
> checkusers and oversighters?

tldr: It isn't rolled out yet, however I'm hoping to do so during my free
moments over the next month as we set up the election.

Actually, the policy is not yet active for anyone and identification is
still required from checkusers and oversighters. Because of logistical
(including that we needed to have a tool for the sign off and some
adjustments to the confidentiality agreement itself to ensure it made more
sense) and resource (both the lawyers involved and the CA staff have been
slammed for the past year) issues the speed moving forward has been
incredibly slow. The confidentiality agreement text has final approval from
meta now (I haven't updated meta but I will early this week), at this point
the only thing left is for translation of the agreement and for me to write
up the announcements the teams who are affected and then notify them. That
will start the 3 month time window and I hope to do so very soon. The
upcoming board election is my number one priority, however this is my 2nd.

There is no doubt that we would have preferred to have finished this long
ago at this point. However in the end the combination of figuring out
exactly how to do the agreement and just finding time to do the necessary
steps prevented us from going forward how we wanted too. We had to make
quite a few compromises from how it was originally envisioned technically
both throwing out the original idea of a unique tool to do it (in favor of
using Phabricator legal pad) and not being able to do everything we
originally expected in Phabricator. For better or worse the people
responsible for the rollout on both the Legal and CA side are also some of
the most over scheduled members of those teams during the past year and so
the speed of advancement hasn't been what we'd like because other
responsibilities had to take priority given that the existing policy was
still in place.

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