How that happened?

This group presented objectives based on Education and Research, but all
"actives" showed  was not even close to the educational scope.

   - Activities:
   Wiki Loves Earth, not academic, Campus Party Brasil, not even close to be
   academic, edit-a-thon outside the academic world... "Book chapter regarding
   Wikipedia Education Program in Brasil" = work made trough the WMF Catalyst
   Programme, not a WUG activity = scheming to seem more important than it

AffCom recently renewal another WUG group here in Brazil that do not do any
activities, and uses chapters tools, and do not give us any criteria used
to explain the renewal, you will give the whys here?

And the creator of this group do not even have the trusty from the ones who
adopted him when he arrived at the Wikimedia Movement in Brazil:

"I really do not understand what is happening to this group and what's on your
minds. Helped sling it and defend it and then I was shooed away
without any defined
process or transparency" [1] the group that he is talking is the first WUG
created here in Brazil, the dorm one mentioned above, that using the WMF
Brazil Programme + AffCom closed the WMBR initiative (hooray!). And some of
them clearly showed to be oppose to that:[2]

AffCom acts very strange when the topic is Brazil, the WMBR proposal, after
years do not received any justification to why they want so bad to avoid
[3], they force a creation of a new group to assume the leadership in
Brazil, and now are approving another chapter initiative with headers that
not even the guys that the AffCom put against WMBR to create the WUG-BR,




On 13 April 2015 at 14:36, Santi Navarro <>

> Parabéns / Congratulations
> El 2015-04-12 13:28, escribió:
>> Dear all,
>> The Affiliations Commitee has approved the recognition[1] of the
>> Wikimedia Community Brazilian Group of Education and Research as a
>> Wikimedia User Group. The focus[2] of this new group is the
>> integration of the Brazilian and Lusophone academic community into the
>> Wikimedia movement, thus supporting the development of new projects,
>> research, contests, events and other activities.
>> Please, join us in welcoming the newest member of the family!
>> Parabéns e tudo de bom!
>> Carlos
>> 1:
>> Resolutions/Wikimedia_Community_Brazilian_Group_of_
>> Education_and_Research_-_Liaison_approval,_April_2015
>> 2:
>> Group_of_Education_and_Research/User_Group_Proposal
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