> In particular, I wanted to share more about the plans for the Community
> Tech team. The creation of this team is a direct response to community
> requests for more technical support. Their mission is to understand and
> support the technical needs of core contributors, including improved
> support for expert-­focused curation and moderation tools, bots, and other
> features. Their mandate is to work closely with you, and the Community
> Engagement department, to define their roadmap and deliverables. We are
> hiring for a leader for this team, as well as additional engineers. We will
> be looking within our communities to help. Until then, it will be incubated
> under Toby Negrin, with support from Community Engagement.

I look forward to seeing how this works out. I sometimes worry that it
seems like over the years that developers have become more and more
separate from the "community". Our community is our heart; It is why
we are all here. Having teams dedicated to working closely with our
communities sounds like an excellent idea.


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