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> Hi,
> there's been some movement forward on the Single User Login (SUL) issue. I
> ask the Board to review this mail carefully as this has significant long-
> term implications and we need Board input to go ahead. I also ask other
> developers to correct me if I misrepresent anything.
> There are currently three competing strategies. Before I describe these
> strategies, let me point out that one important consideration for any
> system is scalability. That is, single login will be used on all existing
> and future Wikimedia projects, and potentially even on non-Wikimedia sites
> which we allow to participate in our system.
> The three strategies are:
> We try to move towards a single global user namespace for all Wikimedia
> wikis. If a name is already taken in the global namespace, you have to
> find one which isn't.
> For the migration, any names which clearly belong to the same user are
> combined into one. If passwords and email addresses are different, the
> user can manually link together any accounts which belong to him by
> providing the passwords.
> For cases of true name conflicts between the existing wikis, there is a
> resolution phase, where factors like seniority, use on multiple wikis vs.
> a single one, etc., are weighed in - the "loser" has to choose a new
> account name.
> After the manual resolution phase, any remaining accounts are converted to
> the new system automatically by making them unique, e.g. by adding a
> number to the username. The transition is now complete. The old system no
> longer exists.


> 1) is very complex, and we may not find someone willing to deal with the
> name conflict resolution issue and take the blame from annoyed users at
> the same time. Naming conflicts will always be an issue in this scheme, as
> e.g. all common first names will be taken, and any small wiki hooking up
> with our SUL system would feel this impact. People can mutate these
> usernames relatively easily to make them unique - Erik333 - and the system
> can offer such mutations, but it's still a bit annoying.

This is now complete [2]. That wasn't too bad.

2. https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/2015-April/077576.html

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