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> Hi,
> I do not know if this is the right thread to post this (otherwise ignore
> and please post me in the right direction).
> I believe that there is a bug in the Central Auth, since I've seen at least
> two users where the information that appears about when they started
> editing does not match the information saved in the wiki (as off first
> edit).
> Could this be a bug due to the recent change?

Hi there,

What you're likely seeing that's causing confusion is the difference
between when an account was created locally and when an account was created
globally. For example, on 16/17 March 1.4 million local accounts were
attached to global accounts, so it looks like they were only created a
month ago on CentralAuth (because they were only created a month ago on
CentralAuth) when the account could be as old as the wiki itself in local

Hope that helps explain it.

Keegan Peterzell
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