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> What you're likely seeing that's causing confusion is the difference
> between when an account was created locally and when an account was created
> globally. For example, on 16/17 March 1.4 million local accounts were
> attached to global accounts, so it looks like they were only created a
> month ago on CentralAuth (because they were only created a month ago on
> CentralAuth) when the account could be as old as the wiki itself in local

Right.  But now that the SULpocalypse is come[1], and we're all one big
happy user namespace, the value of "date created on CentralAuth" is
significantly lower than what people really want to see in that field,
which is "date started editing, anywhere".  It was much more impractical
until now, but perhaps now (read: when the dust settles and any dangling
issues are dealt with, and you're back from vacation), it would actually
make sense to run a one-time job to backdate the SUL accounts to the actual
first edit of each now-unified account?[2]


   the One True [[User:Ijon]] :)

[1] kudos on that, and on the elegantly epic thread resurrection. :)
[2] Best response possible would be an already-existing Phabricator ticket,
of course.

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