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> Philippe is on vacation, so I'm forwarding this to Rachel.

Thanks Pine. That's unfortunate, but maybe there is somebody (maybe
Fabrice?) who can shed some light on the general thinking in the software
development in this area. There have been several closely related things --
Article Creation Wizard, Draft: namespace, New Page Patrol software... --
and I see many references to an overall plan, but I've had difficulty
finding a summary of that plan.

In the meantime, I've been trying to put the pieces together myself, and
have gotten some good assistance from Nemo Bis and Aaron Halfaker -- see

At this point, in addition to clarification from Philippe about which part
he was referring to, the main thing I'm hoping to accomplish is basically a
timeline of milestones, more or less like this (I have somewhat made up the
data below for the sake of illustrating the format):

* January 1, 2004: AFC process created. [[Wikilink to tool]] [diff or
mailing list for decision-making process]
* February 1, 2011: RfC on English Wikipedia calls for new procedure
[[wikilink to RfC]] [Bugzilla link for request]
* June 1, 2011: Articles for Creation wizard launched [[Wikilink]]
[discussion link] with these impacts on user experience:
** Impact 1
** Impact 2
** Impact 3...
...and so on.

Who at WMF would be best able to fill in the gaps in such a list? Or does
the list already exist in a strategy document somewhere? I haven't been
able to find it yet, but I'm still looking.

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