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> Thank you and thanks to others whe also replied.
> This info is helpful. One thing I was wondering is why only 5 WikiTowns
> worldwide (based on the number of categories on*). Aside
> from the first in Wales and the two in Australia, there's one in South
> Africa and one for Gibraltar.
> Curious to know by what measure the concept is popular. (That sounds like
> a challenge but not meant to be.)
> I can see that the work involved and expenses for the plates/signs might
> discourage potential projects.
> I'm considering proposing a WikiTown project in my current town - Falls
> Church, Virginia, US - which seems to me (based on a probably inadequate
> understanding of what's involved) to be an ideal size for roll-out and
> maintenance of all elements.
> I've hesitated to make preliminary contacts in local govt and civic groups
> until I am more convinced on the sustainability of the overall Wiki Towns
> effort and feel better able to answer inevitable questions. I think the
> first mention of the idea is likely to get positive reaction, esp. if
> framed in terms that relate to current planning efforts, but that could be
> the end of it without a plan, a good cost-benefit presentation, and a few
> activists to carry it forth.
> Is there a "best practices" guide? Any reason why there's no general or
> project page on WP about Wiki Towns where such info might be collected?
> (And to where this discussion might move?)
> All ideas and any info appreciated.
> Don Osborn
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> G'Day
> Yes Australia has two ongoing Wikitown projects
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> I'm created both projects and are responsible for their on going activity,
> the projects activity spikes depending on the availability of funding for
> each set of new plates. I was also fortunate enough to see the talk in
> Washington in 2012.   WikiTowns have a wide appeal and are very popular the
> issue is that they require significant time to build which gets complicated
> when you rely on volunteers.
> I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has, and provide assistance
> Gnangarra
> Vice President Wikimedia Australia
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