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> > All in all it is good to have something 'to shoot at' but I would prefer
> > that these reports are produces more in concert with the stakeholders
> > involved and affected, rather than 'announced' and 'presented' to the
> wide
> > community.
> This isn't true. We always reach out to program leaders to engage in data
> collection. Further, had you taken part of the event, or even watched it,
> or read the blog we wrote [6], you would have seen nothing is presented or
> announced, rather, open for discussion and conversation.
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Sure, the team did reach out in the collection phase - after all, without
the data such evaluation would be impossible. But after that, the
conclusions were drafted and shared with the wide community, rather than
with the stakeholders involved to discuss interpretation. And I do admit
for not watching the full video (the event itself was during working hours
in Europe - not compatible with my job) but only watching parts of it - and
it had a high presentation level to me. But maybe I was unlucky in that.
Either way, all communication seemed to be aimed to announce the
evaluation, rather than to ask active input on whether the analysis made
sense, whether there were misunderstandings, etc. But maybe you have had a
lot of follow-up discussions with the people you collected data from on a
1-to-1 level, which would be admirable.

Again, I do appreciate the effort, I don't agree with the approach and

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