I organized a contest Wiki Loves Monuments wiki and loves earth in algeria
and coordinate on the rest of each arabic country who has organised the

I had a lot of fun to organize during 2013 2014 till 2015  now

In algeria ;with astonishment ;many do not know what that meant wikipedia;
those who knew wikipedia ;they were discovered commons and more....
he was able to me; to establish relationships that are allowed me to create
WMUG Algeriait; is a great chalenge for me

all these offline activities help to enhance the experience and conaissance
of wikimedia projects

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia of knowledge; and yet it is a great unknown

Wiki loves what is good; May it must be renewed

I suggest only one thing:

a single contest each year with a commission that reflects, and proposes
the theme of the year

it is more focus; if the Commission believes that this year we need to
photograph flowers or rare plants or animals in commons then this will be
the case

International Commitee or Commission or the way you want and the weak link
was missing the comunity

wikimedia must help to the elaboration of this infrastructure without
influencing it


*Mohammed Bachounda*
Leader Wikimedia Algérie UG
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