Hello everyone,

As you may already know, the Wikipedia store has been relaunched with new
merchandise and designs. This May, we will be running a short campaign
spreading the word about the store to those who have not had an opportunity
to check it out. We are scheduled to run 2 sets of pre-test (2 hours each)
in May and then run a longer campaign at the end of May, beginning of
June. This will result in the display of a small banner at the top of
English Wikipedia pages just as a casual reminder that we’ve got 10% off at
the Wikipedia store with the code NEWSTORE.

While the promotion will only be displayed for anonymous users in the US
and Canada, all international and logged-in users are welcome to order
through the store and reap the benefits of the discount. After we work out
the kinks in this campaign, we’ll investigate the possibility of similar
international campaigns in the future. The banner is set to show up to each
user only two times. And remember, if you get tired of seeing the
notification, just click the “X” on the banner and it will disappear.

As always, the proceeds from our online store go toward community
engagement and our
Giveaway Program
helping us to recognize fabulous editors and contributors who have played
an instrumental role in making Wikipedia and its sister projects what they
are today.

If you have any questions about the online store or would like to provide
feedback, feel free to email us at merchand...@wikimedia.org.

Thank you,

Victoria Shchepakina & the Wikimedia Online Fundraising Team

Victoria Shchepakina

Fundraising Associate
Wikimedia Foundation
office +1 (415) 839 6885

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