Hi Sam,

That all sounds good. A couple of quick points:

1. What is meant by "excellent goals and plans" is open to interpretation
and dependent on context. For example, an "excellent" annual plan for a new
user group will look much different than an "excellent" annual plan for
WMFR or WMF, and I'm not sure that there is a canonical set of criteria for
what constitues an "excellent" plan.

2. Can we have the review of the WMF plan in July that you proposed, plus a
separate community discussion that attempts to help everyone including WMF
to come up with a list of suggested attributes for "excellent" annual plans
and a list of suggested ways of streamlining planning processes while
increasing the quality of plans? This might be a good follow up discussion
from WMCON. WMF would be a peer and partner of this process, and I think it
would be great if the FDC could lead this discussion.

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