Dear colleagues:

The deadline for the Letter of Intent for the next round of proposals in
2015-2016 Round 1 is 1 July 2015. We have reached out to organizations that
have already expressed interest in applying, but we also wanted to share
this news more broadly, to make sure that all Wikimedia organizations were
aware of the upcoming deadline. (Note that this deadline was previously on
1 June of each year, and we have extended it to 1 July for this round.)

The Letter of Intent is the first step required to submit an annual plan
grant proposal through the APG process. It is a simple non-binding letter that
indicates interest in applying for funds in the upcoming round. All
organizations that wish to apply for funding in the upcoming round must
submit a letter of intent by the deadline. It is a required step. The
letters let us know which Wikimedia organizations we need to evaluate for
eligibility. For more about eligibility requirements, see this page:

To create your letter, use the button available here on the APG portal:

Upcoming milestones for 2015-2016 Round 1:
*1 July: Letters of Intent Due
*15 July: Initial eligibility announced
*15 September: Eligibility confirmed
*1 October: Proposals due
*1 October - 31 October: Community review
*8 November: Staff proposal assessments published
*Late November: FDC deliberations
*1 December: FDC recommendations published
*1 January: Board approval and start of new grants

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about submitting
your letter of intent, or about the upcoming round.

Best regards,

Winifred & Katy

Winifred Olliff
Program Officer
Wikimedia Foundation
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