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> Small point -- because this is the first election we've done using SUL
> (hooray!!) the wiki listed is whatever someone's "home" wiki is
> according to SUL (I think) and not, as in past years, the wiki where
> you actually clicked the vote link from.
Aye, this is right, the wiki listed on SecurePoll is what CentralAuth says
is your 'home' wiki. Actually, in most cases, this has been the case for a
while. If you look at a voter list for the English Wikipedia Arbcom
for example you'll see that there are random examples of people with
"Domain" of another wiki because that's their home wiki even though the
only place you could vote from was enWiki. Of course in the past not
everyone was global and in those cases it was the Domain the account was
coming from.

> The point that many editors are active on many wikis, and thus
> potentially eligible on many wikis, is certainly true. I would guess
> that (again because of SUL) each wiki's voter list represents those
> eligible voters who have that wiki as their home wiki, so there's not
> duplication. But the election committee can verify that.
> best,
> Phoebe

Thanks Phoebe, it's actually important to note that in this election (and
likely future global elections, perhaps even most future elections in
general, the voter list was actually global (on the centralAuth database
rather then local wiki databases). Therefore there was no such thing as
being 'eligible on multiple wikis' or duplication (other then someone
having multiple accounts) like there has been in the past. In the results
we'll have X people eligible on wiki Y is X people who have Y wiki labeled
as their home wiki and those X people will not be counted in any other
wiki. In the past this was a big problem, trying to find out exactly how
many unique users were eligible to vote in the 2013 or 2011 elections for
example has been incredibly difficult since some of them (<cough> stewards
</cough> ) could be eligible on not only a couple wikis but sometimes 100s
of wikis and would be listed independently on each one.

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