Huh, I didn't have intention to make anyone depressive. It's been call to
action and you've just made one :)

Before I give one very nice report from languages list, I want to make one

It is very easy to change the culture. It's easier than to make a good
software and definitely much easier than to create the biggest encyclopedia
in human history.

Everything what we need is to change collective attitude from "we can't" to
"we can". And whenever a fellow Wikimedian start thinking negatively, we
should remind him or her that it's a wrong way of thinking. Yes, we can
revive our spirit from the first half of the last decade and we can do that
just if think it's possible. And it is possible, trust me :)


Languages list suddenly revived. And during one day we've learned for three
separate initiatives for building Wikipedia articles in a number of Latin
American native languages. That reminded me that there are a lot of people
in the wild willing to work on Wikipedia content, even in many languages
which don't have its edition of Wikipedia yet. And we should start
searching for them collectively.
 On Jun 4, 2015 23:41, "phoebe ayers" <> wrote:

> I need a break from thinking about things going wrong. And so per Milos'
> observation that discussion here is falling off, I thought I'd start an
> open discussion thread about things going right.
> What's a cool thing you just discovered or are involved in that is
> happening in the Wikimedia world?
> My contribution: the SF Wikimedia list just had an announcement about an
> edit-a-thon (organized by Jake Orlowitz at the wmf office) that is
> happening during the American Libraries Conference, which is in SF this
> year. 30,000 librarians attend ALA! I'm super pleased we are infiltrating
> library conferences :)
> What's happening over in your part of the project?
> Phoebe
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