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> Although I must say it feels a bit unconventional
> since I haven´t figured out yet how to do scheduling, process flow, and
> other standard non-coding project management tasks in Phabricator.

"unconventional", "standard"... tsk tsk, you know better than this.  ;)

Phabricator aligns better with
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanban_(development) -- see also the recent
Wikimedia Tech Talk about this topic:

> When
> compared with standard tools like MS Project, on the Project Planning
> Properties realm Phabricator seems to be lacking many features;
> http://project-management.zone/system/microsoft-project,phabricator

Sure. After deprecating Bugzilla, RT, Scrumbugz, Mingle, and Trello, we
have accumulated a ton of feedback on features that are really really
missing, features that are kind of missing, and also many features that
users thought that would miss, but by now they have forgotten about. Try it
out, give yourself a week, and let us know what you miss exactly.

If you really want to dig...

I guess I will start trying and learning to see how far I can get with it.
> It doesn´t need to be complex in order to be effective.

I'll invite you to a great dinner if you miss MS Project after using
Phabricator in a real Wikimedia activity for more than a month.  :)

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