> On 4 Jun 2015, at 11:39, WereSpielChequers <werespielchequ...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> In the UK lists of voters marked with who did and did not vote are called 
> "marked registers". They are available to political parties and can be used 
> to check that no-one has voted on behalf of people who don't vote for 
> religious or other reasons.
> In a system where there are no ID checks on voters I don't see how else you 
> can prevent impersonation of voters - obviously that isn't needed in our 
> elections because you can only vote when logged in.

Thanks WSC, that's interesting, and rather unexpected to hear! Thanks for the 
info, and apologies, to Risker for debating it! (and to everyone else for the 
somewhat off-topic discussion...) I'll have to go improve the relevant 
Wikipedia articles now...

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