When we are to assess the quality of Wikidata, there are a few criteria we
need to assess.

   - accuracy
   - bias
   - timeliness
   - completeness

Arguably Wikidata needs to improve a lot on all four points.Whatever
approach we take all four criteria are essential. Making Wikidata more
complete is done by adding data we do not have from sources that are
reliable enough. Timeliness needs attention from people as well. Increased
accuracy can be achieved by comparing our data with the data from others
and researching the differences. Bias.. do not know what to suggest except
for making our data more complete, timely and accurate.

We do not need to wait for anything. We certainly should not insist on
sources for each statement as this will not bring us anything re the four

The reason for this post is that our priorities are flawed because of
Wikipedia think. Wikidata may be used on Wikipedia and it makes sense when
Wikidata data fulfils the four criteria mentioned above,,

Please discuss this and consider the merits of the argument.

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