David Cuenca Tudela skrev den 2015-06-06 09:01:
However I must say that the results of this election are hilarious. The
person with the most support votes doesn't win because of oppose votes :D

Why hilarious? We had a full consensus in the election Committee to go for S/N/O voting, it is a kind of standard procedure in the Wikimedia world.

For the algorithm (S/(S+O)) it has been used several times, but for me it was new and I initiated a deeper look into it.

I looked into the alternative (S-O) which in this case would have made a difference between Raystorm and Denny. But I also found that the algorithm (S-O)/(S+O) actually gives the same result as the one we used. So in the end I believe the algortihm used makes very good sense.

As with everything it could of course be debated, and any comment on this would be welcome in



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