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I find it interesting that nobody seems all that worried about the FDC
election (where 5 of 11 candidates got seats) or the FDC Ombud election
(where both candidates came forward in the last 24 hours before nominations
closed).  These two elections suggest some pretty big underlying problems
as well.  Nobody seems all that upset that fewer than 10% of all the
candidates for the 2015 elections were women - one of the lowest
percentages ever - and that not a single woman was elected to any role for
the first time in any election where more than one candidate was being
elected.  On the whole, despite having a fair number of candidates outside
of the US and areas represented by large national chapters, not a single
non-white, non-male candidate, not a single Asian, African or Latin
American candidate was elected.  We're pretty good at talking about
diversity, but very poor at implementing it.


The election's discrepancies of FDC and Ombud can be justified. The two committees are much technical and require some specific experience.

But it's important to stress that, excluding the two women looking for a re-election, there were 0 new women within the candidatures.

Even there were new candidates for different areas, probably with a low wikimedian experience, but what is really important is that no women submitted a new candidature even white, global north living, English speaker.


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