On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 8:26 PM, Anders Wennersten
<m...@anderswennersten.se> wrote:
> The result could also be interpreted as a thundering success for the voting
> method being used.

Just to be clear: I think you (Election committee) did very good job.
Inside of the stable circumstances, like they are now, It's very
useful to use a voting system which would prefer new people. I just
said that this system is likely to be harmful if used for the future

On the long run, Schulze stability (basically, electing the
mainstream) vs. this variant of approval by selection gives more
weight on Schulze. But I am sure that the standing EC will find
something more appropriate for the next elections.

I think also that it's valid idea that EC chooses voting system
according to the needs of particular point of time. For example, this
time it was about giving opportunity to the new candidates. Next time
it could be more balanced. If you notice that Board is unstable (for
example, small number of those with more than two years of
experience), then Schulze again.

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