On 2015-06-07 20:43, Milos Rancic wrote:
I suppose that nobody commented my idea about the Assembly because of
two main reasons: it's a different paradigm, as well as it doesn't
seem realistic.

Hi Milos,

I do not think community assembly as a replacement for the Board would work. A body of 10 people and a body of say 50 people are different bodies and they should have different functions.

I do not think imposing a lot of constraints for the board election would work either. In the end of the day, what we got is the opinion of the majority of the voters. Most of our voters are white males, and this is a fact. We should not really be surprised that we get three white males elected. If Denny, James and Dariusz were barred from running by constraints, I guess many would just not turn up. I personally voted for two of them, and I would be pretty much disappointed if some external constraints would prevent them from running. I think we have to live with this.

However, someone (I think it was SJ but I might be wrong) came up with an idea of an advisory body, which would not be the Board but would have members with different backgrounds, elected / partially elected / apointed (to be discussed) which would be able to give a quick advice to the Board on certain initiatives without creating cross-project drama. I guess this is smth which can develop from your ideas in the community assembly.


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