So I have been on the moderation list for this mailing list for 10 months now.

In the meantime, I have had perfectly valid e-mails sent to this list
rejected without a reason, and my appeal not getting any response
whatsoever from the moderators.

If this were a wiki, everyone would be shouting themselves hoarse at
having people blocked for such a long time, and seemingly without any
means of protesting such decisions.

However, this being a mailing list, with the moderation team having no
accountability to anyone, and abusing their status multiple times in
the past year, such decisions come without any discussion -- mostly
because they are made behind closed doors in the spirit of Wikimedia

So, here is my good-faith attempt at getting taken off the moderation
list after ten months of waiting, and perhaps having a stab at finally
establishing at least some basic rules of moderator behaviour so that
we do not see long-term good-faith contributors hushed up due to
expressing criticisms.

                -- Tomasz

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