And the award for for the first negative comment on this thread that is
designed to be "about things going right" goes to Trilliam. Congratulations
on being the official "party pooper" of Wikimedia-l. There will be cake

To return to nice things, and in response to the previous message by A
I learned a few months ago that in the Ukrainian Wikipedia they don't give
out "barnstars", the give out "cans of condensed milk"! Why? Because
they're sweet :-)

And, please correct me if I'm wrong Antanana, but you also identify the
"best newbie" each month on the Ukrainian Wikipedia and physically send a
can of condensed milk to that person in the mail?! I think that's just the
coolest, funnest, most unique way of celebrating new contributors I've
heard of!

-Liam / Wittylama.
Peace, love & metadata
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