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> And either I missed it, or nobody mentioned it yet, but ahem ahem ahem
> ContentTranslation. It is already helping Wikipedias in minorized languages
> to create a lot of meaningful articles more easily, and with future features
> like task lists and suggestions, it will be possible to use it for tracking
> success conveniently.

Just a short note here... The complexity of the task, which I think I
comprehend, is so significant, that I made the lamest mistake from my
own perspective. Please note that the page Names of Wikimedia
languages [1] assumes that there is only one variant of Serbian
(although some languages have full four written varieties in Serbian:
Немачка / Nemačka / Њемачка / Njemačka).

So, yes, ContentTranslation. (To be honest, one of my priorities
should be to actually see how it works...) Besides the tools (and I
think there are some other tools, as well), there is a lot of
documentation, which should be gathered inside of one user friendly

Creating correlations between Wikimedia projects data and data about
languages is not a simple task. In relation to the languages, we know
which information we need, but we often don't have enough of data; in
relation to Wikimedia, we have data, but we often don't know what to
do with it. And the most important danger of dealing with such sets is
not to have enough data and don't know what to do with it.

While the lack of reliable data about languages could be fixed through
necessary approximations, while searching for more relevant data, the
part which says that we should know what we should do with data could
be easily fixed by sharing the ideas here. That's the main reason why
I am sharing here work in progress.

(Now back to linking languages: 208th Wikipedia edition by size,

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Names_of_Wikimedia_languages

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