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> [I'm posting this here because although the experiences described
> relate to en.WP, I'm sure it applies to other projects as well]
> I have trained over 100 people to edit Wikipedia this year; in around
> a dozen different sessions.
> Not a single session has occurred, when someone has not had a problem
> with our CAPTCHA interface. Often, several editors in a single sesison
> are confused.
> A user saves an edit, and the system responds with the requirement for
> them to complete a CAPTCHA .
> Sometimes, they do not realise what has happened (the paragraphs
> beginning with the words "Your edit includes new external links..."
> seem insufficiently prominent), or they do not understand what is
> being asked of them (what words are they being asked to retype?), or
> they do not see the very small box where they are supposed to enter
> the CAPTCHA (on my screen, in Firefox and signed out, it is
> pre-populated with "Enter the words yc", where the "c" is half of a
> letter "o").
> Naturally I am then able to assist them, but a user editing alone may
> simply abandon the task in frustration.
> I urge each of you to try this, by editing while logged out
> I suggest the WMF conduct some urgent usability tests around this
> feature, and either redesign or remove it.
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