Hi all,

This concerns all the editors and readers in the European Union and those
in other European countries as well (copying is possible).

Copyrights reform in Europe going in the wrong direction, damaging

*What is going on?*
In the European Parliament currently a proposal (amendment) is submitted
that will restrict Freedom of Panorama in Europe.
This means: you will be no longer allowed to upload images from modern
buildings and works of public art on Commons and not allowed to use those
images on Wikipedia.

Also if Freedom of Panorama is only allowed for Non Commercial purposes
only, this is a problem for Wikipedia!

*Some details*?
It concerns the amendment AM421 proposed by Cavada and passed in the JURI

*When is the voting about the amendment?*
Thursday 9th July

But we have one chance only!

*What can we do about this?*

   - Forward this e-mail to anyone who should know about this.
   - Talk to the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in your country.
   Especially the members of the EPP, S&D and ALDE groups. ->
   - Communicate this issue to users in your local community.
   - Publicise a press release about this, write about it on your
   website/blog, talk to the media how this can damage Wikipedia, etc.
   - Use social media: Twitter, Facebook, and so on...
   - Twitter about it and retweet them. Suggestions:
      https://twitter.com/Wikimedia_BE/status/611000943908384768 -
      https://twitter.com/Wikimedia_BE/status/610984311853064193 -
      - Twitter also directly to the Members of the European Parliament
      directly and ask them if they want to turn Wikipedia into black.

Also there will be a CentralNotice banner to inform our readers. The
CentralNotice banner will lead to a landing page, which is at:

More information will be on:

A FAQ will be on:
(or combined with the Learn more page)

*How can I help with the campaign?*
Go to:
and help with getting the texts of the banner, landing page and Learn more
page ready.

1. Banner:
* What should the text be of the title?
* What should the text be of the underline?
2. Landing page:
* What information should be on the landing page?
* What Twitter/Facebook/Google+ links do we place?
3. Learn more page:
* What information should be mentioned on the *Learn more* page?
* What actions would we recommend readers to take?
* Anything else?

If the banner, landing page and Learn more page are ready, they can be
translated on Tuesday 23 June to the various European languages. Also local
Wikipedia pages can be created for it.

*Where is the coordination?*
To have an overview it would be handy if you sign up for your country/area.

Collect here also your actions like press releases, tweets, Facebook posts,
etc. Those can be useful to read and to see where some action is missing or

*You need more information?*
Read the Signpost article:

*Other suggestions?*
Let us know! Add suggestions at:


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