I agree with Jane that it is great that one of us gets to write in the NY 
Times. But I would slightly disagree with Andrew. Yes smartphones are becoming 
ubiquitous, and for smartphone users Wikipedia is a broadcast medium not an 
interactive one. That's not great, especially for those languages where 
Wikipedia is far less written than in English. But I'm not seeing this as an 
existential threat. I'm sure the WMF has some clue full people trying to make 
the site as mobile friendly as possible, I'd put money on the smartphone 
industry trying to cram yet more PCfunctionality into their hardware, I know 
that the smartphone generation are capable of doing things with their phones 
that I can barely comprehend - and that the kids growing up with smartphones 
will be more proficient still; and whilst we are seeing PC and Laptop sales 
fall, an element of that is market stabilisation and commodification - why 
worry that PC sales are falling if that just means people are replacing their 
PCs less frequently? 

If ownership of PCs was falling, people were moving all their internet activity 
to the smartphone, and Wikipedia was pretty much the only bit of the Internet 
left behind when you migrate to smartphone, then I would be worried.

As it is I just see this as a change to the environment we are in, a change 
that makes things more difficult for us, but not one that threatens our 



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> What I absolutely *love* in this piece is that it's by our own GLAM-Wiki
> podcast host Andrew Lih and it's in the New York f***ing Times! Yay!
> Plus I totally agree with his lead point, which holds for all languages: "One
> of the biggest threats it faces is the rise of smartphones as the dominant
> personal computing device." If I had to pick the one thing that would stop
> me editing Wikipedia projects, then yes, this *is* that thing. Though I
> truly love Wikidata and I do feel strongly about the Gendergap, I agree
> with him and feel that the biggest threat to the Wikiverse is the demise of
> the desktop.

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