The WMF will become a truly global organization when a Wikimedia US chapter is founded ;-)

Il 08/04/2015 06:58, Pine W ha scritto:
Hi Garfield,

I'm asking this on Wikimedia-l because a number of Wikimedians have noted
the expensiveness of the San Francisco area including its high cost of
living for staff, employer competition for engineering talent, and
associated high salaries for WMF employees.

I see on
that WMF is considering relocating its offices when its current main office
lease expires.


What happens to the remodel expenses that WMF is paying for at its current
location? If WMF vacates the premesis, will it be compensated for the
remodel by the building owner?

I hope that WMF is contemplating fully exiting the San Francisco market
area in order to economize, get better value for our donors' funds, have
less competition for talent, and lower costs of living for staff. Is this
being considered?

Thanks very much,

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