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> Ricordisamoa, I have no preference either way. I live in a geographically
> enormous country (Canada), which has a national chapter - centered so far
> away from me that I'll never be in a position to participate in person at a
> regular meetup. In Canada's case, regional chapters might have been better,
> and I wonder about other geographically large countries where this would
> also be more workable.
> Risker


​The United States is so big, and the population so propagated ​amongst its
size, that a cohesive US chapter is pretty much impossible. Despite the
size of our movement, it's still very small by regional breakdown and the
economics of travel for support just don't match up. I've attended a few
meetups in the US, and I had to travel significant distance to do so only
to have a maximum turnout of a few dozen. That was a DC meetup in which I
flew in from the southern US and met with Risker - coming from Canada - at
the airport to attend a meetup that was 40 strong with half of the people
not being from DC. And that took significant planning.

Ultimately, a US chapter would fail not because of passion, but simple



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