now we are approaching 400 days of lila tretikov at the helm of the
wikimedia foundation, and 60 million us dollars spent, i was not able
to sign a simple wikipedia page via the mobile app. i think something
is going seriously wrong here :(

what was the use case? the european union wants to harmonize the
freedom of panorama:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_panorama#European_Union. the
german wikipedia had a wikipedia banner to sign a petition, and also
wrote mails about it. which i thought is a nice idea. i am reading
mails on the phone following links to wikipedia, i tried it this time
as well, and i was not able to accomplish the most simple task of
contribution - to add my signature at the bottom of a list. earlier in
the year i already tried to add a link and i could not do it - but i
admit that is a much more difficult task in the mobile app.

the german links:
* sign here: 

just as a side note, up to know this page collected close to 4'000 signatures.


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