>> So as part of
>> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Increasing_article_coverage
>> , it appears that unsolicited emails have been sent out encouraging
>> people to translated articles into needed languages.
>> I am all for improving article coverage, etc, but I'm concerned about
>> the use of user account emails to send unsolicited mail that the user
>> has not opted into. I think use of user email addresses for purposes
>> other than the user has agreed to, is not ok.
> I'm not really fazed by the fact that emails were unsolicited, but by the
> fact that I got it in French. I don't know whether that was a glitch or a
> conscious decision, but my knowledge of French is somewhere around fr-0.1,
> and it made no sense to me why I got it in a language other than English. :)

I also received an email in French about this. I presume that this is because I 
have made some edits to the French Wikipedia (mostly just adding photos to 
articles): hopefully it didn't get sent to everyone who's edited Wikipedia!

It's good to see an email appeal sent to editors to translate articles, 
although a direct email appeal to generally add information to the relevant 
Wikipedia might be better (we don't just want translators, we also want new 

> Really, RCom has morphed slowly into the Research Team at the WMF + a few
> interested volunteers that we can manage to pull in to help us with review
> work (shout out to Daniel Mietchen, Nemo, Yaroslav & BluRasberry).

I'm sad to hear this. I thought it used to be a volunteer committee (but 
perhaps I'm remembering this wrong?), and turning a volunteer committee into a 
staff team really isn't scalable. I'm sure that there are many knowledgeable 
academic researchers out there that this structure will exclude. Defining it as 
WMF staff members and some pre-existing volunteers sounds like it's become 
more, rather than less, hierarchical.

P.S. I like the idea of "random academic"s. The world could do with more of 
these. :-)

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