I want to provide an update on the Annual Plan. I’m happy to let you know
that the Board of Trustees has approved the proposed 2015-­16 Wikimedia
Foundation annual plan. Thank you for your patience as we have worked to
incorporate your feedback and review with the Board.

The approved plan includes $68.2 million in revenue, with $65 million of
spending and $3.2 million for the reserve. In addition, we will raise $5
million for our endowment, which will help secure long-term support for our
mission. In total, this accounts for a 17% growth in total budget. The plan
also includes a stretch goal of exceeding the fundraising target by 20% to
contribute additional funds to the reserve. The approved and updated plan
is now available here

In our last Metrics Meeting, I presented an emerging strategy for the
Wikimedia Foundation that focused on building a strong core in the
near-term, allowing for innovation in the long-term toward our mission of
ubiquitous shared knowledge. Strengthening our core has been our focus over
this past year. We published the Call to Action
which refocused us on community and technology, introducing new thinking
and skills to the WMF, and improved products for the world.

We have made significant changes this past year that are showing early
results. But this is just a start.  The world is changing rapidly in areas
like mobile, user behavior, media formats, and access to knowledge. In
order to make free knowledge available for generations to come, we need to
continually improve our work and challenge our thinking. The Annual Plan
for this year is focused on building our capabilities as a springboard for
future innovation.

In this year’s plan, budget adjustments are designed to fill in the gaps in
current user needs, in particular in the areas of community (including
affiliates and partners), technology, and communication. The plan builds on
the foundational work from this past year, when we set up team structures
and introduced new focus to align our organization with communities and
demands for knowledge. For the first time, this year’s plan also introduces
a Quarterly Metrics Scorecard to track our progress on delivering on our
commitments. We will use both top-level and departmental metrics to measure
our progress and report back.

I also want to acknowledge some of the issues with this year’s Annual Plan
process. We shared the first draft with you late, giving you limited time
to provide feedback. We introduced a new, lighter weight format in the
first iteration that left some of you with questions about proposed
changes. This final, approved version has been updated to clarify our
rationale, incorporate the feedback we did receive, link our plans to
success metrics, and orient the next year within a broader strategy. As
always, we continue to iterate toward a better process. Going forward we
plan to have an extended window for your review and comments so we can
refine our plan with your valuable feedback in mind.

Thank you. I look forward to working together as we continue to strengthen
our core capabilities to support our mission and prepare for our emerging

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