These are fascinating experiments, I hope that the Waray-waray and Cebuano
communities will at some point report back to the wider community as to how
this worked out. My fear is that too fast a growth rate could overwhelm
whatever community we have in those languages leading to burn out of
existing editors dealing with too many newbies at once, my suspicion is
that this will vary by language depending on such variables as the ratio of
PC users to smartphone users, and the ease with which editors can access
the necessary character sets.

We have long known that bot creation of stubs that are of interest to
speakers of a language is a way to recruit readers, and that some readers
become editors. What I think we don't yet know is the maximum growth rate
that a wiki community can cope with.

There is also a sustainability angle, though hopefully we can mitigate that
by bot replacing of articles where the source has changed but they haven't
been edited on the Cebuano or Waray-waray Wikipedias. Otherwise within a
decade we could have pedias that look very dated, for example various
record holders whose articles in other languages show their records have
been surpassed, and villages

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