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>  it's a good starting point. But rather than a "top" list,
> perhaps we should be looking at "number of editors/number of speakers"?

We (well, some of us, I guess), have indeed been looking at that figure
(one might call it "editorship penetration", as in "Internet
penetration").  Erik Zachte's stats site helpfully provides that metric in
the "summary" view for a language.  E.g. Bulgarian Wikipedia has 20
editors-per-million speakers[1], German has 31[2], Hebrew has 147[3], and
Waray has 4[4].  Other useful, robust figures are the aforementioned active
editor count (and very-active editor count).

Speaking at least for the Community Resources (formerly Grantmaking) team
at WMF, I can say we have been paying a lot more attention to these figures
than to article counts.


[1] http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/SummaryBG.htm
[2] http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/SummaryDE.htm
[3] http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/SummaryHE.htm
[4] http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/SummaryWAR.htm
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