So I saw this YouTube video yesterday about kids reacting to printed
encyclopedia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7aJ3xaDMuM&noredirect=1

It made me sad. And very fearful of the future of Wikipedia.

These kids do not appreciate knowledge and information because they grew up
with its abundance. When I was growing up (and I am only 30), printed
encyclopedia was the only research tool. These kids will never know the
frustration when you tried looking something up in those dusty volumes only
to find minimal information ("stub") or, worse yet, nothing on the topic.
And the nagging feeling it left you with because your curiosity was not
satisfied and you thirsted for more, but there was nothing else! And so
when Wikipedia came around it was this wondrous thing where information was
seemingly limitless and endless. And it was expanding at dizzying speeds.
And you could add more! It was the answer to my childhood fantasy of having
the limitless encyclopedia that answered every questions. And it filed my
heart with joy and satisfaction not unlike the joy of a child in candy
story (yes, I am a geek).

Those kids never deprived of knowledge and information will never know how
precious it is. They will not have the same love that is required to edit
Wikipedia and write quality articles. And it makes me sad.

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