It is interesting to see the reactions, but it just shows the change in how
information is saved, disseminated and consumed, from analog to digital

I am more worried about how many encyclopedias have closed in the last
years. We are moving to a world where Wikipedia is the de facto
encyclopedia. This have evolved faster than the concentration of media
ownership,[1] and it is dangerous in my opinion. Furthermore, references
are links to published works, and who decides what is published or not? The
big media and publishing companies.


2015-07-14 22:22 GMT+02:00 Renata St <>:

> Hi.
> So I saw this YouTube video yesterday about kids reacting to printed
> encyclopedia:
> It made me sad. And very fearful of the future of Wikipedia.
> These kids do not appreciate knowledge and information because they grew up
> with its abundance. When I was growing up (and I am only 30), printed
> encyclopedia was the only research tool. These kids will never know the
> frustration when you tried looking something up in those dusty volumes only
> to find minimal information ("stub") or, worse yet, nothing on the topic.
> And the nagging feeling it left you with because your curiosity was not
> satisfied and you thirsted for more, but there was nothing else! And so
> when Wikipedia came around it was this wondrous thing where information was
> seemingly limitless and endless. And it was expanding at dizzying speeds.
> And you could add more! It was the answer to my childhood fantasy of having
> the limitless encyclopedia that answered every questions. And it filed my
> heart with joy and satisfaction not unlike the joy of a child in candy
> story (yes, I am a geek).
> Those kids never deprived of knowledge and information will never know how
> precious it is. They will not have the same love that is required to edit
> Wikipedia and write quality articles. And it makes me sad.
> Renata
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