A tip/request, for 2 perennial frustrations, re:
* Usage of quite long (e.g. 5+ linebreaks) email-signatures, without the
proper delimiter
* Use of embedded or attached images in email-signatures.

1) Many email clients (including gmail) respect the usage of
"-- "
(*2 dashes, and a space, on a blank line*)
to isolate signature blocks.[1]
It will either auto-collapse the signature, or lighten the text color.
Please add this to the top of your email signature!
(Example at bottom.)

2) Unnecessary images in emails, which require extra downloading on mobile,
plus some users have images-disabled in email (to prevent tracking-images
from spammers, etc) so they just show as empty "placeholders".
Please consider removing any images from your email signature!

Thanks, and I hope that helps someone.
Quiddity / Nick

[1] https://www.google.com/search?q=email+signature+delimiter

A test of a large
signature block
that extends
across many lines.
Preceded by "-- ".
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