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The community liaisons at the Wikimedia Foundation held a roundtable
discussion at Wikimania [1] in order to gather feedback around
participation in product development. The notes are now up.[2] We welcome
input from everyone, whether you were unable to join us at Wikimania, or
whether you did attend and want to further engage in conversation.

Some major themes from this session were that places to give feedback are
confusing and unclear, there is little to no understanding of
product/engineering prioritization, and there were requests to involve and
include communities more.

The goal of this roundtable was not to get a wishlist of products and
features, but to identify  problems and successes around product
development so that the WMF and communities can collaborate in better ways.
This is an ongoing conversation, and we invite your participation here [3].

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Rachel diCerbo
Director of Community Engagement (Product)
Wikimedia Foundation
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