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First of all it seems that vast majority of Commons users do not select
their gender so they are "none". It obviously spoils the rest of the
statistics. Would be good to add to it numbers of males, females and
"nones" included, so it would be more clear which group has generally
stronger tendency for overwriting.  For example strong "overwriter" can
make a 1000 overwrites a year, and a weak one just 1. Such "strong"
overwrites can also spoil this statistics. For example - one "strong"
female overwrite can easily make all overwrites and the rest of females are
not overwriting at all :-) The same apply the other way - i.e. we can say
that women are more vulnerable to be overwriten if you divide numbers of
overwrites by number of females and compare it to the other groups.

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz
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