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> Hi Antanana,
> And I forgot to mention, this same issue existed in 2014 as well, with also
> there the downside effects.
> This subject is of banners has been discussed internally with the local
> Wiki Loves Monuments team, after I tried to gave some insights in the
> matter. I think this is done so because me and others have always thought
> and assumed that it is possible to find a solution with understanding of
> both sides. With these outcomes I think I can safely say that that
> assumption and thought can't be considered realistic.
> I think it would be better in future to have the community decide somehow
> how they perceive this matter. After all, they create the content of
> Wikipedia and bear the bunt as result of it.
> Romaine
It seems like there are other communication channels you could take
advantage of - other types of banners, bot-distributed talk page messages,
WMF-assisted mass e-mail campaigns, social networking messages (FB,
Twitter, etc.) and so on. Is it really true that having to share banners
with fundraising will result in an unavoidable loss of 90% of contributors?
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