I can definitely understand your frustration, Romaine.

However, if there is a strong operational reason why the Fundraising team
can't move the activity they have planned for Italy in September, then I
can't really see what resolution there can be except for sharing the banner

Normally though one would expect repeated banner impressions to have
diminishing returns, rather than increasing returns - so I would expect the
impact on Wiki Loves Monuments to be a fair bit less than what you make out.

One thing I don't understand though - I thought fundraising banners were
set to display ~once per person these days, rather than actually site-wide
as they used to - is it not possible to have the (less intrusive) WLM
banner displaying for the people who aren't getting the fundraising



On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 7:42 PM, Romaine Wiki <romaine.w...@gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> Sad news.
> The title of this thread seems a bit hard, but that is practically the
> situation as it looks now.
> *Background*
> Wiki Loves Monuments is the yearly photo contest since 2010, organised by
> many local Wikipedia communities and local chapters. For this contest a
> banner is shown on top of Wikipedia pages in the specific countries to
> attract attention from the public to participate in enriching Wikipedia
> with photos of the local cultural heritage.
> Wiki Loves Monuments depends for at least 99% on the banner. When there is
> no banner, the uploads and results drop dramatically, as possible
> participants are not informed and can't easily find the contest site. Also
> participants need time to go on location to take photos and see the banner
> above Wikipedia afterwards to find their way back.
> *What is the situation?*
> * The fundraising team plans to have a fundraising banner in Italy during
> the month September.
> * The local team of Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy is organising the contest
> in Italy and needs a banner as well.
> As there can be shown only one banner at the time, there have been talks
> about these conflicting banners. Result: Wiki Loves Monuments get only
> 37,5% of the time, the fundraising banner 62,5% of the time.
> Now you maybe think that 37,5% of the time is still large, but the
> appearances are deceptive because of the different ways the banner is used,
> and because the differences in numbers of upload throughout the month
> September. Also the banner is not shown at all during two full weeks,
> important weeks to attract participants. In the end I estimate, based on
> the usage and issues of previous years, etc, that only 10-15% of the
> uploads are made in comparison what normally would have been expected.
> This is what I would call a devastating effect.
> And this is purely because of bad planning at WMF:
> * They haven't checked which countries participated continuously the past
> years.
> * They haven't informed which countries are likely to participate.
> * And they say they can't move the fundraising banner to another month, but
> it is still a mystery why that isn't possible.
> This same issue was originally the case in two countries, but somehow it
> was possible to move it for the second country.
> This is really sad for Italy. Extra sad because of the difficult copyright
> situation in Italy, what requires the local team already to do much much
> much more work than in most other countries, just to have a normal contest.
> The Italian team does a great job this year.
> *My conclusion*
> The community is working very hard on improving and expanding the content
> of Wikipedia by organising Wiki Loves Monuments. I always thought that this
> was the number one priority of the whole Wikimedia movement. Did I made a
> wrong assumption somehow?
> But when it actually matters, the community project bears the bunt. This is
> sad, very sad.
> Please all, support the Italian team, they do a great job and deserve a
> successful contest.
> Greetings,
> Romaine
> PS: I am one of the international organisers of Wiki Loves Monuments this
> year, but this e-mail is written on my personal account only.
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