> Given the huge amount of work, the liability and legislative issues and
> problems with transferring funds across international borders, I'm not
> persuaded;

Hence why I said "part"; this wasn't meant to be a persuasive argument, it was 
just a comment on this particular issue. The other topics you mention should 
probably be discussed in a different thread.

> having dozens of paid fundraising teams is not cost-effective by
> any stretch of the imagination.  The process was stopped because it was
> costing more money to raise funds that way, and as a movement it's very,
> very difficult to justify the international level of fundraising in a way
> that results in much higher costs.

{{citation needed}} please. That's an interesting perspective that I haven't 
heard before, and I haven't seen any supporting evidence for that argument. But 
again, that is a different discussion.

> Having said that, the Wikimedia movement calendar is becoming
> increasingly complex. It is inevitable that there are going to be conflicts
> between major local initiatives and major international-level initiatives;
> these don't always involve fundraising, although they're probably the most
> common group affected.  I think we really need to get better at scheduling
> events and creating a solid movement-wide calendar that identifies major
> activities, particularly those that rely significantly on site
> advertising/banners/messaging for their success.  The further in advance a
> potential conflict is identified, the more likely that good and effective
> solutions to those conflicts can be put into place.  It would be really
> helpful, for example, if the Fundraising calendar was published a year in
> advance; chapters and other groups would probably find that really useful
> in planning major local activities.

That was my point: if we worked on a national rather than international basis 
as a baseline, then this sort of issue simply wouldn't arise.

> I this specific case, there's not much time left, and so it is time to look
> for ways to lessen the impact of the scheduling conflict.

I agree with this.


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