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> It has been my experience that site banners are the best way to reach
> casual readers who are not already integrated into the projects and
> existing communication channels.  This is why the Fundraising team run
> banners, rather than begging for money through Facebook and targeted talk
> page messages, I would imagine.  The communications channels you're
> referring to are excellent for reaching existing contributors, but when
> you're trying to reach new or casual contributors, a big banner at the top
> of articles can't be beat.

 My experience has been quite the opposite. The easiest, maybe, but the
conversion rate is poor - WLM is for photographers, and putting banners on
Wikipedia is not a particularly good way of reaching photographers. In WLM
Hungary a few years ago we had a deal with a photo sharing site (a crappy
deal, for other reasons), they ran the WLM banner, and it had a ten times
higher conversion rate (IIRC we counted people navigating to the upload
page as conversions). Even though they had way smaller audience than
Wikipedia, half the uploads ended up coming from them.

I would recommend organizers to be creative and not rely on CentralNotice
too much - reach out to photography discussion groups, photographer
associations, photo sharing sites and any other places where people with an
interest in taking pictures might turn up.
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