2015-09-02 3:15 GMT+03:00 MZMcBride <z...@mzmcbride.com>:
> What I'm struggling with here is that Flow seems to have failed to
> deliver. It hasn't met its goals of covering even basic talk pages and it
> sounds as though further development work on Flow will now be suspended.
> From my perspective, after over two years of development, we've basically
> accomplished creating pages such as "Topic:P0q3m7vwysdezd2m" (I wish I
> were kidding, that's an actual page title) on development wikis such as
> mediawiki.org. This is a pretty bleak outcome, in my opinion.

This is an exaggeration.

The "Topic:P0q3m7vwysdezd2m" URL is not pretty, but this is remarkably
unimportant: I've been using several personal and project-level Flow pages
productively in three languages every day for the last few months. I never
had any reason to think that these GUID URLs are a problem. Contrariwise,
it's far more convenient to post them instead of an unstable URL with an

Much more importantly, Flow very much does cover basic talk pages. You can
write a title and an OP and get people to reply. This has been working for
many months already. This is my definition of "covering basic talk pages".

Even more importantly is that you can write a title and an OP and get
people to reply ON THEIR PHONES. This is nearly impossible on the classic
talk pages; on them you are lucky to even manage to read the existing
discussions, and typing a reply requires extra finger-acrobatics. With Flow
it's as easy as on Twitter. I do almost no coding for Mobile Frontend and
apps, but I'm a kind of a volunteer mobile technologies ambassador in my
home wiki, and good mobile support for talk pages is the #1 request that I
hear from veteran editors with regards to using Wikipedia on their phones.
This is another thing that Flow has been doing for many months already.

As for new users, well, if I had a sheqel for every time that I had to
explain about ::: and --~~~~ to new Wikipeia editors, I could buy a very
good dinner to all the participants of this thread. With Flow I just don't
need to do it - they click Reply and just reply.

I received a lot of positive feedback about Flow from my home wiki editors,
both veteran and newbies.

There are nearly 900 Phab tasks for Flow, but the *only* thing that I
really miss is a basic easy way to go back to old posts - be it
auto-archiving with a calendar, search, filtering, or anything other way to
access them, and even that has not been a blocker for productive daily use
of several Flow boards. (Just as a reminder, going to old posts in classic
talk pages is different on every page, according to their authors archiving
style, so it's not much of a regression.)

I wish that more discussion pages on which I wrote would use Flow, and I
very much hope that Flow's talk page component would be more than just
"maintained and supported".

Thanks, collaboration team; I expect to see more of your skills and
innovations soon.

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I want to live in peace.” – T. Moore‬
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