Thanks for that perspective Amir. I hadn't even thought of the mobile
aspect. It would be great to have improved collaboration tools for working
on mobile.


On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 1:51 PM, Amir E. Aharoni <> wrote:

> 2015-09-02 3:15 GMT+03:00 MZMcBride <>:
> > What I'm struggling with here is that Flow seems to have failed to
> > deliver. It hasn't met its goals of covering even basic talk pages and it
> > sounds as though further development work on Flow will now be suspended.
> >
> > From my perspective, after over two years of development, we've basically
> > accomplished creating pages such as "Topic:P0q3m7vwysdezd2m" (I wish I
> > were kidding, that's an actual page title) on development wikis such as
> > This is a pretty bleak outcome, in my opinion.
> This is an exaggeration.
> The "Topic:P0q3m7vwysdezd2m" URL is not pretty, but this is remarkably
> unimportant: I've been using several personal and project-level Flow pages
> productively in three languages every day for the last few months. I never
> had any reason to think that these GUID URLs are a problem. Contrariwise,
> it's far more convenient to post them instead of an unstable URL with an
> anchor.
> Much more importantly, Flow very much does cover basic talk pages. You can
> write a title and an OP and get people to reply. This has been working for
> many months already. This is my definition of "covering basic talk pages".
> Even more importantly is that you can write a title and an OP and get
> people to reply ON THEIR PHONES. This is nearly impossible on the classic
> talk pages; on them you are lucky to even manage to read the existing
> discussions, and typing a reply requires extra finger-acrobatics. With Flow
> it's as easy as on Twitter. I do almost no coding for Mobile Frontend and
> apps, but I'm a kind of a volunteer mobile technologies ambassador in my
> home wiki, and good mobile support for talk pages is the #1 request that I
> hear from veteran editors with regards to using Wikipedia on their phones.
> This is another thing that Flow has been doing for many months already.
> As for new users, well, if I had a sheqel for every time that I had to
> explain about ::: and --~~~~ to new Wikipeia editors, I could buy a very
> good dinner to all the participants of this thread. With Flow I just don't
> need to do it - they click Reply and just reply.
> I received a lot of positive feedback about Flow from my home wiki editors,
> both veteran and newbies.
> There are nearly 900 Phab tasks for Flow, but the *only* thing that I
> really miss is a basic easy way to go back to old posts - be it
> auto-archiving with a calendar, search, filtering, or anything other way to
> access them, and even that has not been a blocker for productive daily use
> of several Flow boards. (Just as a reminder, going to old posts in classic
> talk pages is different on every page, according to their authors archiving
> style, so it's not much of a regression.)
> I wish that more discussion pages on which I wrote would use Flow, and I
> very much hope that Flow's talk page component would be more than just
> "maintained and supported".
> Thanks, collaboration team; I expect to see more of your skills and
> innovations soon.
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